Visa Processing History

This web page brings together information regarding the processing date of parent visa applications.

The following information is based on details updated by the Parent Visa Centre on 19/09/2021

Parent Visa Application Assessment Dates

The following parent visa applications are being assessed – ie these parent visa applicants are being requested to undertake medicals, to provide police clearance certificates, and (in the case of the permanent visa subclasses) to progress the Assurance of Support:

Subclasses 143 and 173: queued up to January 2018
Subclasses 864 and 884: queued up to January 2018
Subclass 103: queued up to January 2019
Subclass 804: queued up to February 2019

The time taken for a visa application to be finalized and visas granted once an application is assessed can vary significantly.

Factors that are relevant include:

  • The time taken to provide all required police clearance certificates.
  • Medical conditions that require the submission of additional information before the health requirement is saitisfied.
  • Concluding the Assurance of Support process with Centrelink.
  • The time of year: towards the end of a program year (ending on 30th of June) parent visa applications can be placed on hold, to allow for the new year’s parent visa allocation to become available.


  • All Contributory Parent visa applications under subclasses 143, 173, 864, and 884 that were submitted before 1 June 2018 have been given a queue date that is the same as the date on which the visa application was submitted.
  • Applications for visas under these subclasses that were submitted on or after 1 June 2018 will be assessed and given a queue date when they meet initial visa criteria.
  • Onshore Contributory Parent visa applications under subclasses 864 and 884 that were lodged from February 2017 are on hold while the Parent Visa Centre processes offshore Contributory Parent visa applications under subclasses 143 and 173, and equalises the dates.
  • Onshore Aged Parent visa applications under subclass 804 with a queue date of December 2012 onwards are on hold while the Parent Visa Centre processes offshore Parent visa applications under subclass 103, and equalises the dates.

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