Visa Stats

In this section of the Go Matilda Parent Visas website we seek to bring together information that will help you to understand what is happening with the processing of parent visa applications.

Information regarding the processing of parent visa applications has become relatively difficult to obtain in more recent times; we obtain information from the Australian Government periodically and combine this with information we have from our caseload of parent visa application clients in an effort to understand and better predict what can reasonably be expected in terms of the time to be taken for parent visa applications to be processed.

We do this in an effort to keep you and our clients better informed.

If you would like to have your parent visa application managed by a team of proactive Australian visa advisors – whether you have yet to submit a parent visa application, or have done so already and would like your application to be managed from now through to a decision on your visa application – we invite you to complete the enquiry form on this web page.

We’ll be pleased to have a free initial conversation, after which we can send details to you regarding how we might help with your visa application, including our fees.

Go Matilda Parent Visas is pleased to obtain and to provide these parent visa statistics on a no charge basis.

We will continue to obtain details periodically.

All we ask in return is that you might using consider us for your visa application – or one of our trusted partners, all of which provide services which are complementary to the parent visa application process.

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