Visa Processing Time Calculator

Welcome to Go Matilda Parent Visas and our Contributory Parent visa processing time calculator.

When you enter your details into the calculator and the estimated number of visas you think will be granted each year the calculator will give an indication of when you can expect your visa to be granted.

You start by entering the month and year in which you lodged your Contributory Parent visa application with the Australian Government under visa subclass 143, 173, 864, or 884.

Then enter your estimate of the number of visas you expect to be granted annually, on average.

As a guide, in recent years approximately 7,000 visas were granted to CP visa applicants.

For the program year ending 30 June 2022 approximately 3,600 visas are planned to be granted to CP visa applicants.

Then enter your preferred underlying data set – the default is the most recently obtained set of data obtained by us from the Department of Home Affairs.

We will periodically obtain more current information, at which time an additional data set option will become available.

Click on Get Estimate, and you will see an approximation of when you can expect your visa to be granted.

Perhaps inevitably there are assumptions in this calculator.

For example, we have assumed that 10% of visa applications on hand at the date of the data set will be refused, will be withdrawn, or will not make it to visa grant for another reason – eg the death of the visa applicant.

We have also assumed that queue dates will be generally issued in chronological order, particularly for onshore CP visa applicants (subclasses 864 and 884) who will be required to undertake health and character assessments before being queued.

Over time we plan to modify the calculator in the light of experiences.

This said, we hope you find this calculator useful, and not too upsetting or dispiriting!

When did you lodge your visa?

Go Matilda Parent Visas is pleased to provide the Contributory Parent visa calculator on a no charge basis.

We will continue to obtain details periodically.

All we ask in return is that you might using consider us for your visa application – or one of our trusted partners, all of which provide services which are complementary to the parent visa application process.

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