Australia’s new temporary parent visa – What do we know so far?

While we await the migration legislation and underlying policy details, information about Australia’s new temporary parent visa is starting to become known through a Media Release issued by the Immigration Minister, and articles from relatively reliable sources in the online press.

So what do we now know?

  • The new visa will be available to applicants from “late 2017” – which we understand to be November, 2017.
  • This will be a temporary residency visa, with – the Government presently says – no direct pathway to permanent residency.
  • The cost will be A$5,000 for a visa with a 3 year validity, or A$10,000 for a visa with a 5 year validity.
  • A one off renewal of the 5 year validity visa will be available, allowing visa holders to remain in Australia for up to 10 years.
  • Visa holders will be required to maintain private health insurance while they are in Australia.
  • Sponsors will be required to sign an undertaking to meet any outstanding public health costs incurred by the visa holder.
  • Visa holders will not be permitted to work in Australia.
  • The balance of family test will not apply to this new visa.

Whether the requirement for parents of more senior years to depart Australia after 10 years is sustainable remains to be seen.

Indeed, we expect some difficulties for the Australian Government seeing these provisions through Parliament in their present format.  In our view some amendments are likely before the above provisions become law.

Further details are likely to be forthcoming following the Federal Budget tomorrow, and we will report back here with any information as soon as it becomes known.