Bank drafts! The cheapest way to pay Visa Application Charges to the Department of Immigration

As many will know, the Department of Immigration’s Visa Application Charges (VACs) for Contributory Parent Visas are not cheap – particularly the main VACs payable immediately prior to the granting of the visa.

For a single applicant these presently amount to A$43,600; for a couple the VACs total A$87,200.

The Department of Immigration is happy to accept a payment  by credit card, but will levy a surcharge for this: presently, the surcharge when paying by VISA or MasterCard is 0.98%.

This means there is an additional cost of A$427.28 when the VAC for a single applicant is paid by VISA or MasterCard, or A$854.56 when using a VISA or MasterCard to pay the VACs for a couple.

Added to this, the rate of exchange if using a credit card denominated in a currency other than A$’s will be to the advantage of the card issuer.

For this reason we suggest that applicants for Contributory Parent Visas consider arranging a bank draft to pay the main VACs.

Rather than obtaining an A$ bank draft through a High Street bank we recommend approaching one of the specialist forex companies to obtain a bank draft denominated in A$’s.

We are aware of the following 3 specialist forex companies in the UK that can arrange bank drafts – we invite those who need to make a payment to the Department of Immigration to make enquiry of one or more of these companies as to how they might help.

The same companies can also assist with the transfer of funds to your bank account in Australia in due course; their rates of exchange when selling £’s to buy A$’s are likely to be a significant improvement on the rates available from the High Street banks.

Please feel able to mention Go Matilda Visas if you are asked how you heard of them!