Contributory Parent Visa Applications – Separate Applicants – Restrictions on Sponsoring a Partner

If we could roll the clock back into early 2009 a cost reduction strategy commonly adopted by applicants for a subclass 143 Contributory Parent visa was for one parent to apply for the subclass 143 visa, and for that individual to sponsor his or her partner/spouse for a partner visa once the 143 visa was granted.

The cost of applying for a partner visa was tens of ‘000’s of $’s cheaper, meaning this strategy was worth considering by many.

The position has since changed: a person who has been granted a Contributory Parent category visa on or after the 1st of July, 2009 is now unable to sponsor a partner or prospective marriage visa applicant until at least five years have passed since they were granted their visa, if they were in a married or de facto relationship with that person on or before the date they were granted the last Contributory Parent category visa.

There are some exceptions to this limitation in compelling circumstances.

Couples who are challenged financially by the cost of a Contributory Parent visa may therefore want to consider a two step (subclass 173/143, or 884/864) strategy, or a non Contributory Parent visa strategy.

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