News Flash! Possible reprieve for non-Contributory Parent and Aged Parent Visa Applications

Regular readers of the blog on this website will know that the non Contributory Parent (subclass 103) and Aged Parent (subclass 804) visas ceased to be available to new applicants from early June 2014.

The mechanism by which this was done was what is called a Legislative Instrument, which was approved by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

The validity of this Instrument is being challenged in the Senate of the Federal Parliament by Senator Hanson-Young of the Green Party. Senator Hanson-Young has introduced a Disallowance Motion into the Senate, which was originally planned to be debated on the 2nd of September, 2014.

It is now scheduled to be debated on Weds 24th of September.

Those who follow politics in Australia will know that the Coalition Government in the lower House (the House of Representatives) has faced problems securing the agreement of the Senate to much of its legislation.

Indeed, a Disallowance Motion was passed in the Senate in July for a separate Legislative Instrument.

Should the Motion next week be successful the Instrument preventing the lodgement of applications under subclasses 103 and 804 will be void, which will allow applications for these visa subclasses to be submitted again – though perhaps for a limited time if the Government seeks to close off applications through an alternative means.

The potential saving for applicants who would otherwise apply for a Contributory Parent visa could be some A$80k per couple if the Disallowance Motion is passed.

GM Parents – a division of Go Matilda Visas – is preparing application paperwork for subclasses 103 and 804 in anticipation of the Motion being successful. We are charging a relatively notional fee for this exercise, as the Motion may not be successful.

If you are interested in having a subclass 103 or 804 visa application prepared in anticipation of the Motion being successful please contact us as soon as possible: telephone your nearest GM Parents office, or complete the enquiry form on this page.