Parent Visa Numbers – Our Report Card on the Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration has released information about the number of visas granted during the 2016/17 program year – ie for the year to 30 June 2017.

Disappointingly, the number of parent visas actually granted during that year was some 1,112 less than had been announced by the Department when the migration program was announced at the start of the program year.

This represents a 13% shortfall in the number of visas granted, which in our experience is an unprecedented failure to deliver the program of parent visas.

We have not seen any other announcements regarding program numbers, so we are seeking an explanation from Canberra as to what has led to this outcome.

At a time when there is such a high demand for parent visas it is most disappointing to learn of such a shortfall.

Indeed, based on second Visa Application Charges alone 1,112 visas represents over A$40m in revenues foregone by the Australian Government.

Detailed numbers for 2016/17

  • Non contributory parent visas
    • Budgeted – 1,500
    • Actual – 1,345
  • Contributory parent visas
    • Budgeted – 7,175
    • Actual – 6,218

Is it perhaps that the Australian Government is slowing down the granting of parent visas to encourage more to take up the temporary parent visa when it becomes available?

For reference, the number of parent visas included in the migration program for 2017/18 is the same as was budgeted in 2016/17.