Processing Times for Parent Visa Applications

The processing times for the older style Parent (including the subclass 804 Aged Parent) visa applications and the Contributory Parent visas vary significantly.

For example, at one end of the scale Contributory Aged Parent visa applications (subclass 864) are presently being processed to a decision in some 4 to 6 months.

By contrast current day applicants for the Parent and Aged Parent visas are looking at a processing time of some 10 years or more – the Department of Immigration quotes some 30 years on its auto response email (see below for details), but this is subject to a number of variables, including mortality rates, and political imperatives over the next couple of decades. For example, a future Minister might be more favourably inclined towards subclass 103 and 804 applicants who are in the queue.

To quote an old adage, you have to buy a ticket in the raffle to have a chance of winning a prize.

If you would like to see what applications are presently being processed at the Department of Immigration’s Parent Visa Centre you can:

  • Send a blank email to the Parent Visa Centre (no subject line required) here
  • Look at the Parent Visa Tracker website to see what is happening to other applications of a similar type