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End of the Covid concession – What it means for Subclass 143 Visa Applicants with Bridging Visas

As some will know, the Australian Government introduced concessions across the visa program during the Covid pandemic.

This included allowing applicants for subclass 143 Contributory Parent visas to be onshore – ie in Australia – at the time the 143 visa was granted.

As a result of this concession it was possible to apply for a Bridging Visa, providing certain conditions were satisfied.

The Covid concession for subclass 143 visa applicants ended on 25 November 2023.

This means that Bridging Visas for subclass 143 visa applicants can no longer be granted to Subclass 143 visa applicants.

The most immediate practical impact of this is for subclass 143 visa applicants who are in Australia with a Bridging Visa that is in effect and who want to travel overseas and return to Australia.

Until 25 November 2023 such individuals would apply for a Bridging Visa B.

BVBs are no longer available to subclass 143 visa applicants as they can no longer be onshore at the time the permanent residency visa is granted.

For many this is an unwelcome outcome – if they depart Australia they are unable to return using the Bridging Visa regime.

Strategies to adopt if you are a subclass 143 visa applicant with a BVA or BVB that is in effect (ie active) include applying for a subclass 870 Sponsored Parent Temporary visa with a 3 year or a 5 year validity, or exploring obtaining a visitor visa if you are within a short period of your 143 visa being granted.