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The latest Retirement Pathway statistics

Following a Freedom of Information request of the Department of Home Affairs we have details of the number of permanent residency visa applications lodged by subclass 410 and 405 visa holders that were on hand at 31 March 2023.

The Retirement Pathway is the means by which the holders of subclass 410 and 405 visas can obtain permanent residency.  Subclass 410 and 405 visas are no longer available to new applicants – they can only be renewed by existing 410 and 405 visa holders.

The numbers are as follows, with numbers at 31 July 2022 in italics.

Subclass 143 – 11 ; was 14

Subclass 103 – 212 ; was 207

From this we might reasonably conclude that subclass 103 visa applications under the Retirement Pathway have not yet started to be processed, even though the Department indicated that processing of such applications would commence in the current program year (to 30 June 2023).

The Retirement Visa Pathway to Permanent Residency – Latest Details

The Retirement Pathway to permanent residency was introduced in 2018 for subclass 410 and 405 temporary visa holders.

Under this pathway holders of subclass 410 and 405 visas can apply for permanent visas under subclass 143 or 103.

Since this Pathway was introduced subclass 143 visa applications have been processed quickly; applicants for subclass 103 visas – the cheaper option – have been waiting to hear from the Department of Home Affairs.

At the time the Pathway was introduced the indications were that Pathway applicants for 103 visas should expect to have a wait of 4 or so years.

We await news as to the commencement of processing of these visas.

In the meantime we can advise the following details, which we have received following a Freedom of Information request of the Australian Government:

As at 31 July 2022 there were on hand 207 Parent (Subclass 103) and 14 Contributory Parent (Subclass 143) visa applications for the Retirement Pathway.