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Parent visas – The number of visas granted to date

Following a Freedom of Information request we have received the following information from the Department of Home Affairs regarding the number of parent visas granted during the current program year through to the end of February 2024 – ie from 1 July 2023 to 29 Feb 2024.

  Number Granted Number Refused
Contributory Parent Visas (CPVs) 4,624 308
Non Contributory Parent Visas 1,231 203
Subclass 870, Sponsored Parent Temporary 2,672 70

The parent visa program planning level (which excludes subclass 870) for the year to 30 June 2024 is for 8,500 visa grants, so if this is to be achieved there are some 2,624 parent visas available for grant in the 4 months to the end of June 2024.

In recent years there has been a tendency for the number of parent visas granted during a program year to come in at a few hundred less than the planning level – watch this blog for the actual numbers for the full year in the coming months.

Number of visa applications on hand – Subclass 870, Temporary Sponsored Parent Visas

We have received details of the number of subclass 870 parent visa applications that are awaiting processing and the granting of visas.

As at 31 August, 2021 there were 1,826 applications on hand at the Department of Home Affairs, awaiting a decision.

Given there is an annual quota of 15,000 visas available under this visa subclass there is clearly scope for all of these visas to be granted once Australia’s Covid related border restrictions are eased – and for over 13,000 more visa grants before the end of the current program year on 30 June 2022.