Visitor Visas for Contributory Parent Visa Applicants

With processing times for subclass 143 and 173 visa applications now extending beyond 30 months many applicants are considering how they can spend time in Australia while awaiting a decision on their visa application.

The introduction of a new temporary parent visa scheduled for November 2017 may provide a solution – albeit one that is relatively costly – but in any event visitor visas may be a more agreeable and less financially risky option for parent visa applicants that want to spent time in Australia while a subclass 143 or 173 visa application is being processed.

More specifically, an application can be made for a subclass 600 visitor visa.

Department of Immigration policy is to grant a visitor visa with a 12 months stay permitted every 18 months:

Officers are encouraged to consider granting parents who have a history of compliant travel to Australia a Tourist stream visa with 3 year travel period, 12 month stay and multiple entry so that the parent can visit their family for longer periods on regular occasions.

Thus, subclass 143 and 173 visa applicants who have complied with the conditions attaching to previous visits to Australia – in particular, they have departed Australia before their previous visitor visas have expired – can anticipate a subclass 600 visitor visa being granted that allows for a stay of up to 12 months in every 18 months, with an arrival in Australia allowed at any time in the 3 years following the granting of the visitor visa.

Visa conditions that will attach to this visa will almost certainly include:

  • 8501 – Must maintain health insurance
  • 8503 – No further stay (ie no further visa application can be made while in Australia)
  • 8558 – Maximum 12 months stay in 18 months
  • 8101 – No work
  • 8201 – Maximum 3 months study

In respect of private health cover, information about Overseas Visitors cover is available from these companies: